Dungeons, dragons, turtles and a divine, gay love story

(Credit: Aram Vartian)

(Credit: Aram Vartian)

[Some spoilers for Season 1 of the Godsfall podcast]

Boy meets boy, boy falls in love with boy, boys find out they’ve been granted supernatural powers and have become earthly manifestations of lost gods, boys have to save the world with their newly discovered divine powers. Not exactly your typical love story.

If you haven’t heard of the storytelling sensation of Godsfall: A D&D Podcast you may be (temporarily) forgiven. A Dungeons & Dragons “actual play” podcast may sound like a niche interest, but Godsfall is storytelling that is unconventional, refreshing and extraordinarily addictive. The podcast is also an epic, fantasy narrative story with a strong queer backbone.

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