Love at First Cat Café: ‘Hustle Cat’ Kickstarter Q&A With Jo Fu

by MJ Lyons

LGBTQAI+ cat café dating sim. Now that I have your attention, that’s exactly what this piece is about. A new visual novel by Date Nighto, the beautiful people behind BL/yaoi comic book artist HamletMachine’s Starfighter: Eclipse!

I am so ridiculously excited to contribute my first piece to FemHype, a website I adore and have wanted to contribute to for so long! AND IT’S ABOUT AN QUEER- AND TRANS-POSITIVE CAT CAFE DATING SIM WITH GENDER NON-BINARY OPTIONS SO HOW MUCH BETTER COULD IT BE?!

This is the first in a two part Q&A series about Hustle Cat. The second comes out next week and focuses on the creative leads behind the project!




This is it: your chance to work at a cat café! It’s an opportunity to tend to adorable (and probably standoffish) cats, serve unbelievably pretty kitty-themed foam art, and maybe, if you’re lucky, fall in love. At least, that’s the premise of Hustle Cat, a new visual novel project by Brooklyn-based Date Nighto. (Apologies for getting your hopes up if you really want to work in a cat café … I know I do.) In Hustle Cat, the player becomes Avery Grey, the new employee at Cat’s Paw, a cute—and possibly magical—cat café.

Among other projects, Date Nighto recently worked under the creative direction of webcomic artist HamletMachine on the sci-fi visual novel Starfighter: Eclipse, which is based on the artist’s popular adult BL/yaoi webcomic, a project that was successfully funded through Kickstarter. 

Now the Date Nighto team is back on Kickstarter to fund Hustle Cat

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