Cats & Nonbinary Cuties: Q&A With ‘Hustle Cat’ Creative Leads

by MJ Lyons

My second part about adorable cat cafe dating sim visual novel, Hustle Cat! My good gosh this game is honestly going to be the cutest! I spoke with Date Nighto creative leads about BL manga inspirations, adorable non-binary characters and CAT ENTHUSIAST MAGAZINES?!

Also, there’s a new demo where you get introduced to all of the adorable and gender diverse employees at the cat cafe. Who you get to date. Dating people at a cat cafe, like, WHAT COULD BE BETTER?!


Hustle Cat

From the dangerous depths of space (with plenty of sexy dude-on-dude lovin’) to behind the counter of an adorable cat café, Brooklyn-based Date Nighto takes their players places! The company was founded in 2013 by Conrad Kreyling and Lindsay “Ahvia” Woods. Their goal was to “allow independent creators to deliver high-quality, Japanese-style visual novels to a Western audience.” The duo have built up a small roster of artists and developers who have contributed to projects like Starfighter: Eclipse (their sci-fi visual novel with the aforementioned dude-on-dude lovin’) and We Know the Devil, described as a “surreal summer camp dystopia.”

Now they’re working on Hustle Cat, a visual novel project where the player starts as a new employee at the aforementioned adorable cat café. Kreyling serves as technical lead, and they’re joined once again by producer Jo Fu (featured in a previous Q&A) with Woods as art…

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