About Michael Lyons

Michael Lyons is an extensively published, endlessly curious, queer-identified, chaotic neutral writer, activist, DM, game maker, misanthrope, sapiosexual, feline enthusiast and professional nerd.

I tend to wear my heart on my graphic tee.

Michael tends to wear his heart on his graphic tee.

He is a columnist, blogger and regular contributor with DailyXtra.com and has contributed to Plenitude MagazineThe Plaid Zebra, Gays With Kids, The National Post, Fab Magazine, Toronto Is Awesome, Memory Insufficient, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre’s blog, KAPSULA and more.

Michael is one half of the History Boys, a DailyXtra.com column that explores lesser known LGBT history, with his colleague Jeremy Willard. You can follow History Boys on Facebook to keep up to date on their writings.

Michael is also working on the writing team of LongStory Game, an episodic, LGBTQ-positive mobile dating sim for young people. Working alongside the LongStory team he is contributing two episodes to be released over 2015-2016.

He holds a Masters degree in Journalism from Ryerson University, and an undergraduate degree in theatre studies/playwriting from York University–the latter of which has proven to be a surprisingly useful degree in recent years, to Michael’s intense shock.

You can follow Michael on Twitter (@queer_mikey) or his strange and nerdy Tumblr blog (Warning: Excessive BioWare fandom, general queer sci-fi nerdery and cats). Also, he is made of PURE SCIENCE.