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I recently did a soft launch for a new radio show on CJRU The Scope at Ryerson called “soft rains.”

The premise of soft rains is about going on a strange and epic journey through instrumental and vocal landscapes. Like an alien terrain, or a land you’ve never been or the music that haunts your dreams, with a combination of contemporary and postmodern-classical ambient, electronic and experimental music, soft rains is the perfect excuse to get lost in a sacred, transformative piece of music.

Starting in the new year I’ll be broadcasting every Thursday at 10pm. I’m looking for contemporary composers, especially those working in the genres of vocal, orchestral, ambient, experimental and electronic music, or any combination therein, and I’m dedicated to highlighting the talents of:

  • Canadians
  • young artists
  • women
  • indigenous and First Nation artists
  • people of colour
  • queer and trans musicians

You can listen to the first broadcast below, and if you’re a contemporary composer or musician and feel like your music would fit into my weird and wonderful little show, feel free to get in touch with me at: