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Queer zines, naked hearts and confessions of a teenage, transexual whore: the art and activism of Markus/Star Harwood-Jones

Existence, in itself, is resistance, says artist and activist Markus/Star Harwood-Jones.

Survival has been a recurring theme from the time Harwood-Jones came out as queer and trans in his adolescence.

Currently the coordinator for Ryerson University’s Trans Collective, Harwood-Jones goes by either Markus or Star interchangeably, and uses either “he/him/his” or “them/them/their” as gender pronouns.

“Helping people survive is my activism,” Harwood-Jones says, sitting at his desk in the Collective’s office in the spring of 2015. These days the 24-year-old, Winnipeg-born, Toronto-based community organizer is dedicating himself to the survival of others.

Markus/Star Harwood-Jones in the Ryerson Trans Collective's office.

Markus/Star Harwood-Jones in the Ryerson Trans Collective’s office.

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Bending the Genres: An aspiring sci-fi writer at the Naked Heart Queer Literary Festival

Steampunk Naked Heart

Toronto, 1893. The bustling Canadian city has stolen the World’s exposition from Chicago due in no small part to the incredible creations and revolutionary inventions of the Teston & Tinker workshop. Airships cloud the skies, a novel automaton driven streetcar system crisscrosses through the streets, a gentle but inquisitive young man is faced with the murder of a foreign dignitary, and must untangle a web of mystery that seems to hinge on the New World Exhibition.

Over the past five years my friends have heard me claim I have “a half-written YA steampunk novel,” but a lack of time and energy as a stereotypical young, poor student has meant that it’s remained half-written, though always there in my mind waiting to be all-written.

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