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Looking: Jonathan Groff in leather

Queer As Folk pronounced part way through the first season that gay men might as well be dead when they turn 30. I remember at the time thinking, “Shit, I’m almost 20. I’ve only got a good 10 years to get in lots of sex and lots of relationships and lots of partying.”

Of course, life went on for Brian Kinney, and life’ll go on for me even when I turn 30, as it will for every other queer guy despite any anxieties about aging. Hopefully we can all move on. (Disclosure: I never watched beyond season one of QAF due to complete lack of interest.)


This week Patrick and boss Kevin are trying to get a demo ready for a presentation the next day as the Folsom Street Fair rages on outside the office.

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Critical Approach: All is well in glorious Republia

Lucas Pope's The Republia Times

Resisting the dominant power is not easy. As editor, you have to help pacify a restive population, restore faith in the tyrannical government and suppress information about radicals following a prolonged, draining international war.

Your paper is The Republia Times.

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Looking: Naval Destroyer

Just when I thought I was going to get some work done today, next week’s episode of Looking was released early.

In this exciting new episode we explore Patrick’s career as a video game level designer! It’s quite sad how truly excited I am for this episode. The “gay guy video game developer” premise was what made me sure I would give the series a try. This episode starts at a wrap party for the video game Naval Destroyer, which Patrick’s studio has been working on.


“They keep telling us to expand our demographic, and then they force us to make a game where you can’t even play as a female,” Patrick says. “And I’m a guy, and I always play as a female, and before you say it, it’s not because I’m gay.”

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