Queer zines, naked hearts and confessions of a teenage, transexual whore: the art and activism of Markus/Star Harwood-Jones

Existence, in itself, is resistance, says artist and activist Markus/Star Harwood-Jones.

Survival has been a recurring theme from the time Harwood-Jones came out as queer and trans in his adolescence.

Currently the coordinator for Ryerson University’s Trans Collective, Harwood-Jones goes by either Markus or Star interchangeably, and uses either “he/him/his” or “them/them/their” as gender pronouns.

“Helping people survive is my activism,” Harwood-Jones says, sitting at his desk in the Collective’s office in the spring of 2015. These days the 24-year-old, Winnipeg-born, Toronto-based community organizer is dedicating himself to the survival of others.

Markus/Star Harwood-Jones in the Ryerson Trans Collective's office.

Markus/Star Harwood-Jones in the Ryerson Trans Collective’s office.

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